A contract is an agreement between two parties. In most contracts one party will provide a service or good and the other party will pay a sum of money for the service or good. Generally speaking, if the parties have agreed to negotiate, one party has something the other party wants and vice versa. 

I want it ALL!

Yes, we all do. Unfortunately, in life that might not happen all the time. It is important during any negotiation to keep the end goal in mind. Entering the discussion with mindset that you want everything and are willing to give nothing might force the other party to back out of the deal.

OK - maybe not all, but...

What does it mean to you? There are some concessions that will need to be made in order to make progress in any negotiation. However, there are some things that will not be an option. 

I'm ready to sign!

Before you sign take the time to consider what you will gain and what you stand to lose. ALWAYS consult an attorney before signing any contract. 

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