Many of the people I know that play FIFA love to play online and in tournaments. I like to play the career mode. Don't get me wrong, if you come over and get on the sticks you will take an "L" with you. When I'm playing in career mode I often have ideas that I think will make the gameplay better but I've never taken the time to write all of them down. I have been given the opportunity by EA Sports to play the past three seasons of FIFA before it was released publicly for sale (THANK YOU EA SPORTS!), more than likely due to the vast number of hours playing in career mode. Here are a few of my suggestions for FIFA 19 (because it's too late for this years game):

  • Incorporate some press conferences scenes from the 'Journey' into the career mode.Alex Hunter interviewIncorporate the social media feed from the 'Journey' to the career mode
  • Include a player's predictions to increase his hot/cold temperment during career mode.
  • As the player progesses and improves in career mode allow him the opportunity to become Captain of his team.
  • Allow the player to receive endorsement deals.
  • Make the home menu for the career mode be an apartment or condo, commensurate with the player's value to his team.

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  • Allow the created player to make on the field strategy decisions if he is the captain during certain periods of the game.
    • Allow these decisions to effect his relationship and confidence of his coach
  • When the player practices his five skills for the week show the cutscene from The Journey with teammates.fifa 17 the journey in menus 5

My last suggestion would be to let a player have Afro *insert eyeroll emoji* hairstyles when you begin your career. For some of us consumers Afro hairstyles are natural and not an achievement to be accomplished by completing 70% of the career mode, it grows...naturally. But that's another post for another day.kanye shrug all blackDo you have any ideas that would make the career mode better? Let us know!

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