The Stuart Scott Effect

I can remember growing up in the 90s watching ESPN and ESPN 2 to see my favorite sports newcaster Stuart Scott. I wasn't supposed to be up, but somehow I managed to get my parents to allow me to have a TV in my room and I always stayed up to watch Stuart Scott deliver the daily sports news in only the way that he could. As a young Black boy who grew up in the south, it was rare to see many successful Black men on TV, let alone in the sports world without him being a player. I was intrigued that he could so eloquently take the vernacular of the urban neighborhoods and weave them into his statistically filled recap of the sports day.



Stuart Scott is more known for his one-line exclaimations like:


Awww...sookie, sookie now.

It's All About the Benjamins.

All that and a bag of chips.

But as a journalist he took pride in delivering the stats and facts that informed and entertained in the most charmismatic way. The clip below is from the 96'-97' NBA season and how he describes how Michael Jordan "must be butter 'cause he's on a roll!"


His Legacy Continues

Stuart Scott showed the world how to be cool as the other side of the pillow by being who he was while he was the best at what he did. Stuart Scott would have been 50 this past weekend and in honor of his birthday ESPN put together a clip of some of his best moments at ESPN. Stuart Scott's legacy will continue as many will continue to live passionately about what they love.


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