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With well over 100 Million views on YouTube, countless stream plays and Certified Platinum selling record, Where Are Ü Now is an instant classic. Justin Bieber initially recorded this track as a ballad, but decided to send the song to Skrillex and Diplo known as Jack Ü to rework the track which was later added to their album titled, Skrillex and Diplo present Jack Ü. The New York Times interviewed them about the collaboration. This a great inside look at how great hits are made, you can actually see the notes colorfully presented in the video as each person explains their perspective during the creative process. 

Skrillex compares making the song to painting saying, "So much of the process until the 11th hour is literally just getting colors, mix a little of this color and that color and you create a new shade and a tone you haven't seen before." Skrillex also plays about 5 different versions that have never been heard before and  as he talks he still talks as if he is continuously working on the project. Bieber adds, "They'll take this...[drops stool on floor] that sound and they'll play with that sound for like an hour until its perfect," emphasizing the amount of time invested in chosing the best sounds for the project. Diplo highlights a sound that I particulary like the most - the violin/flute sound - which are actually Bieber's vocals that are pitched and distorted to add a hypnotizing melody to the song. We're big fans of the song, not only is the music outstanding but the lyrics are also poignant which is the perfect combination for this sound. Take a look below at the interview below! If you want to see the Official Vidoe of Where Are Ü Now its the video right below the interview.

Justin Bieber Interview with the New York Times 2015 (Full)

Skrillex and Diplo - "Where Are Ü Now" with Justin Bieber (Official Video)


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